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More than 100 service-design and innovation projects,
lay the foundation for our best practices, hands-on training programs



Two days

In a world where the "new normal" reflects values such as volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, in a world where global trends of change are reshaping lifestyles, public organizations and business organizations need to think differently when it comes to solving complex challenges.
Whiteboard's applied experience shows that combining the DESIGN THINKING methodology with the NUDGE - behavioral economics toolbox provides a unique ability to address challenges and develop innovative value propositions for customers in the product and service fields.



One day

The DESIGN THINKING methodology emerged in the world of design in response to peoples’, organizations’ and businesses’ growing need to deal with complex challenges and "nasty problems" which the world has faced them with.
The methodology allows us to "think like designers" when it comes to developing ideas, solving complex problems and creating value for customers from the point of view of the individual at the heart of the challenge, whether they are a customer, a business partner, an employee or anyone else for whom we wish to create value.


Advanced training for facilitators- leading
DESIGN THINKING in your organization

Two-and-a-half days

The toolbox of the DESIGN THINKING methodology has the potential to advance strategic products, services and business models development, but it is very useful also when working to solve "here and now" problems and challenges.
The training focuses on developing the ability to lead such moves in the organizational environment, and strengthening the ability of the manager, to design innovation processes and solve business challenges. The training focuses on developing the capabilities needed to implement solutions within complex environments.


Ethnographic studies as a tool for driving innovation

Two days + independent research sessions

Ethnographic research enables organizations to develop accurate products and services that address the customer at the right points of their lives.
Qualitative studies complement quantitative approaches by introducing the researcher to the subjects in the environments in which they are active in. The power of such research is reflected in the accurate identification of the customer's needs while gaining a deep understanding of the environmental, social and cultural motives that shape their behavior. This is an essential tool for developing an effective value proposition.

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Interested in empowering your organization with
?advanced methodologies in the worlds of innovation

We design the personal and organizational toolbox for management teams at all levels - Task teams, innovation, organizational development, service and product development in the worlds of DESIGN THINKING, SERVICE DESIGN, NUDGE and other tools.

The training sessions are built in accordance with the organization's real business challenges, in order to design applied solutions.

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