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Innovation is about Doing, Practicing, Testing and Iterating. Use the Design Thinking toolbox to get started!

Design Thinking Toolbox

You may download any of the below tools and use

Good Luck!

Empathy Map & Persona

Effective personas shift focus away from abstract demographics and towards the wants and needs of real people. They can provide a range of different perspectives on service, allowing your team to define and engage the different interest groups that may exist within your target segment.

Customer Journey Map

Creating a customer journey map builds empathy by focusing on the present journey of the customer. At its best, this is a continuous activity to plot information about why your customers do what they do and how they experience interacting with organizations and/or service through different touch points. This enables you to identify opportunities to help customers better attain their goal.



Following the extraction of hundreds of ideas in Ideation sessions, The Concept Map helps you focus on the new arising service scenarios / products which is worth continues framing, designing and development. Use this map to aggregate concepts out of brainstormed deliverables. Make sure to describe and frame your new concepts, so they will be easily understood by others as well.  

Stakeholders Map

When dealing with a business challenge, many internal and external actors have an effect on how a new service is developed and launched. Use the information to assess how the interests of those stakeholders should addressed in your projects



Mapping all complexities and aspects related to our challenge in order to address all of them during the research. Issue mapping helps us to decide which questions are critical to be asked and where we need to explore

Design Thinking
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