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Co-Designing Ministry of health innovation hub

Whiteboard is proud to be the partner of The Medical Technologies, Health Information and Research Directorate of the Ministry of Health in a strategic process of the development of a HUBriut (Health Hub in Hebrew) that will create an innovative value to the community of Biotech entrepreneurs in Israel.

During the process, we collaborated with professional teams within the department, led by Esti Shelly, while using the methodology of Human centered design. We mapped the entrepreneurs’ needs, identified the entire range of stakeholders and spotted the assets of the Ministry of Health that can be leveraged for the benefit of Biotech entrepreneurs.

HUBriut will be the house of the Biotech entrepreneurs’ community and its value proposition for them will focus on several main arenas: A source of information and data for entrepreneurs to orientate them in the process of R&D.

Accelerator – a house for entrepreneurs that will enable them to enter an expedited process of product development in unique conditions, and access to experts, knowledge and information and outstanding methodologies.

Community – A combination between a digital platform and meetings that will enable the entrepreneurs’ community to exchange point of views and thoughts, receive recommendations, network, learn from colleagues and be inspired in the Biotech arena and the Israeli health system.

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