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  • Michal Steckiw, The Coca-Cola Company

How Coca-Cola redesigned their shared services, using Design Thinking Toolbox

When a huge corporation like Coca-Cola teams up with our friends in the global network, DesignThinkers Group, to redesign their 700,000 employees’ services experience, the impact is clear- a significant increase in employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity.

The Coca-Cola Global Business Services (GBS) provide services to the more than 700,000 Coca-Cola employees around the world. The center decided to take a fresh Human-centered approach to the services they provide. Together with the DesignThinkers Group, the center focused on their employees’ need and motivations and deeply understand their unique journey. The results were:

  • New end-to-end human centered GBS services based on those user insights and journey mapping.

  • New human-centered communication tools for employees

  • Improved user experience of the Coca-Cola careers sites and internal digital resources

At Whiteboard we took part in similar projects with global companies and the Design Thinking toolkit served us to build scenarios and reinvent services based on deep understanding of customers = the organization’s employees.

For further reading about the Coca-Cola case ad a short video, go to the link:

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