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1. General

1.1.   Whiteboard Business Design, Ltd.  (Hereinafter the " Company ") respects the privacy of users entering the site whose address is (Hereinafter "Users" and " Website " respectively)

1.2.   The purpose of this privacy policy is to review, among other things, how the company collects, processes and uses personal information (as defined below) about the users. This also applies in relation to personal information provided to it by the users, and also in relation to personal information collected by it / for it when using the website and / or the services.

1.3.   Any user who enters the site, who makes and / or wishes to make use of the site and / or the services offered on it, hereby gives his consent to this privacy policy .

1.4.   The Company may from time to time change the provisions of its Privacy Policy at its sole discretion. This is, among other things, to reflect technological, business, legal or regulatory changes. In this case, the changes will be updated in this document and published on the website. Such changes will take effect immediately. Among other things, your use of the site after the changes has been made, will indicate your consent to these changes, and we therefore recommend that you review this privacy policy from time to time.

1.5.   The agreements given by any user in relation to information, as defined in the Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981 (" Privacy Protection Law ") or personal information, will also apply to details and data that are not information as defined in the said law or personal information. Use of such data / details at its discretion).


2. Registration and collection of information

2.1.   The user does not have any legal obligation to provide personal information. The provision of such information depends on the will and consent of the user. However, filling in some of the fields in the registration process required in some of the applications on the website is a necessary condition for the use of the various services on the website . Required fields will be explicitly marked. As long as the requested data are not provided in the required fields, you will not be able to register, order services and / or join the company 's mailing lists , through the website (hereinafter "the registration").

2.2.   Personal information . Some of the data collected about users may enable the user to be identified ( hereinafter " personal information "), such as: name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc., which you will be asked to provide as part of registering on the site and / or ordering services .

2.3.   Collection of information . The company collects personal information as part of the use of the website and / or the services, including -

2.3.1.       When registering for services.

2.3.2.       Data about orders placed by the user.

2.3.3.       To the extent that the user chooses to provide information to the company by providing access to a Facebook account or other social network (together, " social networks ") gives the company permission to receive personal information provided to those social networks according to his permission (e.g., full name and photo). It should be emphasized that the possibility of obtaining such information from social networks is subject to the user's definitions on those social networks and / or their privacy policies , and the user is solely responsible for checking them. However, it is clarified that the company does not request access to the user password of the user on social networks.

2.4.   Automatic tools.

2.4.1.       The site uses automated tools to characterize your use of the site and improve your browsing experience. These tools collect information about you and about your use of the site. This information includes, but is not limited to, your ISP information, your Internet Protocol address (address)IP) And the domain name for accessing the site, the location of the device used to access the site, the times and ways of using the site, your browser type and other details indicating how to use the site, your consent to use the information for company purposes, improving the browsing experience, internal testing, etc.

2.4.2.       The site uses cookies (hereinafter "Cookies"And / or" cookies ") for the purpose of its regular and proper operation, including to collect statistics about its use, verification of details, to adjust the site to the user's personal preferences, to characterize the services that suit him, to tailor advertisements for him even when browsing other sites For information security purposes. Cookies are text files, which the user's browser creates on command from the company's computers. Some cookies expire when you close the browser and others are stored on your computer's hard drive. You have reached it, sections and information that the user wants to see when entering the site, etc. The cookies may also store information about the user's browsing habits on other sites, including the sites they browsed, the pages on the sites and any other action on them. The information in the cookies is encrypted. Do everything in its power so that only the company's computers or anyone on its behalf can read and understand the information stored in them.

2.4.3.       As long as you do not want cookies, you can avoid this by changing the settings in your browser. To do this, please consult your browser's help file. Keep in mind, however, that disabling cookies may prevent you from using some of the services and features on the Site.

2.4.4.       The company is assisted by third parties such as Google Analytics For the purpose of collecting data from the use of the website, such as device ID, address IP. Learn more about the technologies and practices of Google Inc. Can be found at: . It is also recommended to review the options opt-out  The presence of Google Analytics At the address .

2.5.   The user declares that all the information he will provide and / or update is correct, reliable and accurate and that he made the registration and / or provided the information on his own behalf and for himself and not on behalf and / or of third parties, except in cases where he was expressly authorized to do so. .

2.6.   The user declares that it has been clarified to him and he approves the use of the personal information in accordance with this privacy policy and / or in accordance with the provisions of any law.

3. Use of information

3.1.   The company will use the personal information for the purpose of providing the services and, among other things -

3.1.1.       For the purpose of managing and operating the site and / or the services offered on and / or through it, providing service to customers and users, mailing, direct, Management Sales, Marketing, Customer recruitment, conducting analyzes, surveys, studies, etc.

3.1.2.       Monitoring the user's request, monitoring the quality of the service, offers for similar and / or complementary services, statistics and marketing, including information processing and direct mailing for these purposes by the company. In order to improve, enrich or change the website, the services and content offered on it., And in order to update the user and conduct satisfaction surveys regarding the promotions and / or services offered by the company .

3.1.3.       In addition, the company may use the information to contact the user, for marketing purposes (including direct mail and marketing messages) and various statistical purposes.

3.1.4.       For the purpose of maintaining the site, locating and preventing its illegal use.

3.1.5.       It is clarified that the company may provide statistical information to third parties, including advertisers, subject to the terms of the privacy policy. This statistical information will not identify the user personally on the site as well as the way in which the user uses the content found on the site by the company, who on its behalf and / or by third parties with whom the company has business cooperation.

4. Advertisements and direct mail . As stated above, the information may also be used for marketing, advertising and / or information purposes, marketing design, direct mail and services  Mailing direct, Of the company and / or anyone on its behalf.

4.1.   The company may use the information to offer the user targeted advertising, products and / or services that it believes are tailored to the user, and may also customize the site and the ads on the site according to your visiting habits, and what the company considers your needs and desires.

4.2.   Each user registry service and for publications, the company agreed to use the information collected to contact him and send him content, including "Nothing advertising" as defined in the Communications (Telecommunications and Broadcasting) - 1982, and direct mail as defined in the Privacy Protection. Post content may be made by any means of communication, including mail, email, phone and mobile phone, including recorded messages and notifications SMS , Fax, email, social networks and other measures (even with the assistance of third parties) . It is clarified that the Company may be assisted by third parties to carry out the above.

4.3.   Subject to his approval, the user agrees that the information collected will be passed on to advertisers and other third parties who may send him advertisements and contact him by direct mail (and direct mail services), by the aforementioned means. This does not detract from the Company 's right to do so (including through third parties) .

4.4.   A user may, at any time, notify his refusal (usually or of a certain type), receive information and marketing design, an advertisement and / or direct mail from the company, or third parties as stated above, and withdraw his consent by sending a removal notice to an email address: , Or using the "Remove" button that appears at the bottom of the message as well as a reply option in the same way that the shipment is offered with the word "Remove". Upon receipt of the request, the sending of the content to the user will be stopped and instructions will be given to stop using the information for direct mail services, but it is possible that the information needed for the company will continue to be stored in the company database subject to the law (including other privacy policies ) . 

5. Providing information to third parties. The company may transfer personal information (including, by means of providing access) to third parties in connection with the Company's services and / or business operations,

5.1.   In accordance with the user's requirement and / or his consent;

5.2.   The Company may transfer personal information to subcontractors in order to complete the provision of services offered on the Site ;

5.3.   As part of collaborations with companies affiliated with the company;

5.4.   In any case where, in the opinion of the company, the user violated the privacy policy and / or in cases where he performed or attempted to perform the user and / or someone on his behalf, through the company's website and / or in connection with it, actions contrary to the privacy policy and / or the provisions of any law;

5.5.   Due to a court order and / or a requirement of a competent authority to provide the information;

5.6.   Due to any dispute, claim, demand, lawsuit and / or legal proceedings that will be conducted between the user and / or anyone on his behalf and the company and / or anyone on its behalf and / or any third party;

5.7.   In any case where the Company deems that the provision of the information is necessary in order to prevent serious damage to the property and / or to the body of the Company, the other users and / or third parties, or in order to prevent other serious damage in its full and exclusive discretion;

5.8.   In the event that the Company has transferred and / or transferred to a third party its activities and / or its rights and obligations towards the user, provided that that third party as aforesaid accepts the provisions specified in this privacy policy and the provisions of any law.

5.9.   When the third party is a parent company, subsidiary or affiliate of the company . It is clarified that all of the above does not detract from the Company's right to transfer to third parties data that is not information.


6. Data Security

6.1.   The company takes precautions that it considers acceptable and uses security technologies that it considers advanced. The user is aware that the company devotes resources and takes various measures to prevent intrusion into the site and to prevent a possible invasion of users' privacy, but it is not able to completely prevent disruptions to the site.

6.2.   The Company clarifies that it does not undertake that the site will be operated properly, without any interruption, and / or that the site and / or the data collected and / or submitted as stated above will be completely immune from access and / or unauthorized intrusion into the company's databases . The user is aware (and agrees) that the company will not be liable for any damage and / or loss, direct or indirect, of any kind, caused as a result, including due to invasion of privacy.

6.3.   In so far as payment by credit cards is required as part of the purchase of the company's services, all use and clearing of credit cards from the site is done in an encrypted and secure manner through an external credit clearing company, which uses modern encryption methods and encryption mechanisms that comply with Israeli and international standards.

7. Transfer of information outside of Israel . The company may transfer the users' information outside the jurisdiction of Israel and / or the European Union. The laws relating to the privacy and security of information in the jurisdiction to which the information is transferred may not be comprehensive compared to the laws in force in Israel and the European Union. In such a case we will endeavor to take steps to ensure a similar level of protection for your personal information. You give your consent to such transfer.

8. Contact us about privacy

8.1.   According to the Privacy Protection Law, every person is entitled to review himself, or his authorized representative in writing or by his guardian, the information held in the database and even ask the company to correct this information if it is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate. All subject to the various provisions of the law. In order to exercise these rights, a written request must be sent to the company via the "Contact Us" page on the website or alternatively you can contact one of the contact details listed in section 8.2 below.

8.2.   For any questions and / or clarifications and / or comments regarding this Privacy Policy, or if you wish to delete, change or correct your personal information, please send an email to

8.3.   Alternatively, you are welcome to send a letter to Whiteboard Business Design Ltd. to the address
Lehi 27, Bnei Brak. Every correspondence to the company must include your full details, including an contact email address . The company will try to respond to any reasonable request within a reasonable time.

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