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Innovating learning solutions for employees


The Challenge

Creating new learning platforms and experiences for employees in one of the largest banks in the industry, while keeping in mind the unique needs and interests of employees in different organizational situations, locations and lines of work inside the bank.

“I spend an hour and a half every day in the bank’s carpool service. I use this time to listen to podcasts - something I don’t have time to do during the rest of the day...” (employee)

The Project

The project’s research team was compiled from the bank’s learning department and they set off to conduct an ethnographic research within the bank. The team  interviewed and observed various employees in different positions across the bank, in different fields, the back office and the headquarters.

The Outcome

The research led to a deep understanding of how employees experience the bank’s current training courses and learning platforms and what they feel about their level of effectiveness and the impact on their professional lives.

The bank gained deep insights regarding their existing learning strategy as well as of understanding how different personas of bank employees approach and utilize the learning activities. Ultimately five leading learning concepts were created, developed and tested in the bank. The main concept themes were platforms for internal social learning between employees, platforms for employees to ‘shine and teach’, joined venture projects that crossed departments and roles and more.

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