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Developing a multi channel AI solution for marketing, global distributors and customers

Home Security Systems

The Challenge

A leading developer of home security systems has been managing a network of distributors and installers in more than 100 countries around the world. The company wanted to harness the knowledge of the network to drive innovative solutions and strengthen its market position by creating a unique added value to its partners.

“It's amazing, after more than 20 years of working with distributors on an individual basis, you think you know everything..and then you actually ask... and reality bites......”

(marketing executive)

The Project

The project began with an initial meeting of the global distributors, where we mapped the network’s whole ecosystem. We learned what their major pain points were and what are the different motivations driving them. We received a deeper understanding about the competitive situation as well as the complex internal interactions. A more in depth research resulted with an overall understanding of the global value chain and the opportunity areas within.

The Outcome

Two solutions were developed and implemented in parallel arenas.

The first was the establishment of “The Global Advisory Council” - a council that brings the customer’s voice to the discussion table seamlessly and has since become a key part of the product development process.

The second solution was an Augmented Reality platform for local installers of the system. The installer uses his tablet to integrate the security system components into the customer’s home layout. In doing so, the installer can embed relevant customer recommendations and enable future online support.

The product catalog is managed by the company's marketing division, however it allows regional distributors to adjust local attributes, promotions and commercial plans to fit their local marketing strategies.

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