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Recreating the credit card company’s value proposition for new Small Business owners


The Challenge

A highly competitive SME (small-medium enterprises) market, fighting mainly over prices and fees, is "bleeding". within a small group of industry players, one credit card company wanted to change the game rules, and to redesign its value proposition for new business entrepreneurs.

"We set out, thinking we have a clear strategy. Then, the research insights came and we re-calculated the route. By the end of the process, we launched a set of innovative products with a differentiating, groundbreaking business vision"

The Project

we have conducted a deep ethnographic research walking along with new business entrepreneurs from the earliest point of the initial business idea to the point when the business was running. We found that the price was one of the least important factors for the entrepreneur and found other substantial opportunity areas and blind spots through the business setup journey.

The Outcome

The discovery of the new values that were the most important to the business owner, together with the analysis of the customer journeys of the different types of entrepreneurs in various situations, enabled us to create a new marketing strategy, new touch points, and new interfaces together with supportive internal processes. Altogether, this unique process has created a new strategic arena, taking the company out of the price wars, with differentiated new values for the small business entrepreneur.


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