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Designing a unique customer experience for a hotel chain


The Challenge

We challenged the hotel management’s perception of their customers’ experience at the hotel and guided them in identifying opportunities for new and meaningful offerings along the customer journey.

“Every evening I organize the pool area, and every morning the guests mess it up. They move the lounge chairs far away from the pool, they bunch them up, or just as they wish…everyday I organize and everyday they change...” (hotel maintenance)

The Project

With our guidance, the hotel management team immersed themselves into the user’s shoes- an act which helped them gain deep empathy to the pain points, contradictions and tensions the users experienced. Part of the research consisted of learning and testing analogous products, places and services that offer a unique user experience. The empathy work that was done by the hotel management led them to change their perspective and see opportunity for change in what used to be mutual friction points for them and their customers. After synthesizing the research findings and lateral information, we conducted a large scale ideation session where management and users teamed up to “moon-shoot” ideas for a better hotel experience.

The Outcome

The project led to a couple of new concepts that changed the service scenarios of the hotel’s daily routines, such as: the reservation and booking process, a new check-in process and the positioning of the hotel as a local “travel and experience” guide for its customers regarding the hotel’s urban surroundings.

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