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Re-designing a HiTech company's global internal communication strategy

Global Software Company

The Challenge

Rethinking the Internal communication strategy of a global company, spread around 85 countries worldwide. Our challenge was to create solutions for different types of employee needs, motivations and context to better connect them to the company and to increase engagement and reaction to corporate calls for action, activities and information share.

As long as you keep pouring emails into my inbox, chances are I will not read them!” (employee)

The Project

After defining the challenge we set off for a global research in various sites of the company. Interviews and workshops were conducted in the USA and India, as well as in remote sites in Europe, South Africa, China and Indonesia, in order to understand and reflect accurately the way different employees consume the company’s internal communication and how they feel about it and about its contribution to their personal goals.

The Outcome

The project led to 5 strong concepts that were executed by different stakeholders and departments in the organization, and gave solutions in various aspects: pin-pointed communication to remote sites, personalized information to employees, internal platforms for sharing information between employees, email sorting platforms for managers and more.

#communication #strategy #employee-centered #localfeelsglobal

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