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Co-creating the next generation of corporate BI systems

Business Intelligence

The Challenge

A leading corporate business intelligence (BI) company wanted to develop its next generation solution suite. The company faced the challenge of a very competitive market, with high end, billion dollar worth global players and a low differentiation between the offerings. This sector is considered to be extremely professional and consists of analysts and IT people. The main goal of the project was to distinguish between the company’s next generation solution suite to that of its competitors.

"Working on this project with Whiteboard really "broke our box"! It took us out of the same old industry talk and into a new, yet untouched area of opportunity..." (product manager)

The Project

After conducting extensive customer research, we found new potential stakeholders and users, that were not the obvious ones. We understood the reasons behind the similarity in the offerings on the market and the driving forces of the customer decision making process. We mapped the areas in the organizational information flows that highlighted new opportunity areas, needs and players for which distinguished and relevant value add could be created.

The global research was conducted by a team of Whiteboard researchers, the company’s product manager and our US research partner.

The Outcome

We designed new offerings and approaches to the different users and a new automated artificial intelligence (AI) layer that enabled the BI solution to break the “professional” boundaries. The new AI layer revealed a new world of previously unknown decision support information, making it accessible both to management and to the operational level directly, without the ongoing mediation of analysts and IT people.

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